Characteristics and Classification of Liquid Filler

Liquid filling machinery is the full name of all liquid filling equipment. Liquid filling machinery can be divided into different liquid filling machines according to different liquid classifications, such as edible oil filling machine, beverage filling machine, oral liquid filling machine, washing liquid filling machine, perfume filling machine, make-up water filling machine, beverage filling machine, and other equipment. All filling equipment is designed with full consideration of the characteristics of filling products, and 316L stainless steel is used in the contact part with materials. Can meet the filling needs of different industries.
Next, Feihong Machinery will focus on introducing the working principle and structural characteristics of the oral liquid filling machine.
Working Principle of Liquid Filling Machine
Under general pressure, self-flow filling can be carried out according to the weight of the liquid itself. The filling method is to fill in the environment of greater than atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the storage tank is stronger than that in the bottle. The liquid that needs to be filled will enter the bottle depending on the pressure difference. The key component of filling machine is the PLC operation control system.
The principle of liquid material filling machine is more convenient to understand. The improved control system obviously simplifies the mechanical structure. The oral liquid filling machine can be seen from the actual operation situation and control efficiency test that the automation level of the system meets the design requirements, significantly reduces the labor intensity of the operator and makes filling necessary. The output of production line is about 30% higher than before, so the probability of failure is significantly reduced.
Structural Characteristics of Oral Liquid Filling Machine
The design of the liquid filling machine is very reasonable and appropriate. The mechanical reminder is very compact and the operation is very simple. New pneumatic components are used in the internal pneumatic parts of the liquid filling machine; the piston and cylinder block of the cylinder are made of PTFE and stainless steel to meet the testing requirements of GMP; the filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted freely, to a higher degree.
Oral liquid filling machine can be reformed according to actual production needs, and can be transformed into multi-head, explosion-proof and overflow systems. It is suitable for use in food, daily necessities and pesticides industries, and has a broad application prospect.

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